We only have one planet. Each of us has a duty to protect it. To do whatever is within our power to ensure that this world we call home lasts as long as it possibly can.

More and more, people are starting to realise the wisdom in this.

The buzzword for this awakening trend is “sustainability”: making things that last – and reusing them wherever possible.

Sustainability is a broad subject, and also incorporates using the resources we have wisely, so that we don’t use them up.

Most commonly, when people think of sustainability they think of things being biodegradable. Even if consumers are not responsible with their waste, the waste itself should revert to the most natural state possible – ideally feeding the earth, rather than strangling it.

At Mapflex, we tend to agree.

Having said that, we have consumers’ pockets to think of, too. Sustainability needs to be affordable if it is to be viable.

While perfotec is not manufactured from recycled materials, the packaging can and should be recyled. When you throw away the plastic packaging that protected your fruit and vegetables, RECYCLE. Perfotec packaging products are ideal for granulating and converting into other sustainable items. Everything from books to bags to benches and more can be made from recycled plastic. These are items that last, and since they’re being used constuctively, they don’t contribute to the wasteful degradation of the planet.

Use Perfotec at Home, Too

Did you know that storing fresh produce in the packaging it came in actually extends the shelf life of the food both in store and in consumers’ fridges?

Why does this matter?

First of all, when you store fresh fruit and vegetables in the packaging they were sold in, you save the use of a plastic container. Ultimately, this could reduce the need for such containers, which would contribute to a healthier environment.

Secondly, keeping the fresh produce in its packaging for as long as it lasts also keeps that packaging out of the bin for as long as possible. Again, great for the environment.

Above all, though, when you do finally discard that Perfotec packaging after a job well done, be sure to recyle it. Each of us has a part to play. Each of us can make a difference if we play that part.