Fruit and vegetables are living organisms. They grow. They breathe. And they die. This continues even after they’ve been harvested.

Perfotec packaging has been perforated with minute holes to allow gradual, unforced changes to the level of oxygen and carbon dioxide within the package. The respiring produce contributes to the gases in its atmosphere as well. As a result, the rate of respiration decreases. The product takes longer to decay. It looks fresher and more appealing on the shelf for longer, too.

It is interesting to note that this process also repairs some of the damage done by temperature abuse.

However, we see the best results in an area with effective, consistent temperature control.

Perforated packaging is not new. Scientists have been experimenting for decades to discover the right ratio of holes to allow enough air into and out of the package to slow decay, without destroying the produce by slowing it too much.

These scientists combine a study of horticulture and a deep understanding of how plants work, with advanced packaging technology. They use this information to determine the ideal levels and ratios of gases for each type of food being packed – and create the precise perforations to achieve those ratios and levels.

What this means is that we can guarantee a substantial extension of shelf-life. Fresh produce looks fresher and healthier for longer. Perfotec packaging means product quality is maintained well beyond the length of time we have come to expect from fresh produce..  

Advances in packaging technology have largely been driven by a need to reduce waste, and to prolong quality. It’s not simply that poor quality and high volumes of waste affect the bottom lines of growers, packers, processors and retailers. We have a moral imperative to avoid throwing what could be good food into landfill after landfill.

Perfotec is a flexible solution to the challenges facing produce packers. Because it slows respiration, delays decay, increases shelf-life, and decreases waste, Perfotec pays for itself at every step in the supply chain. And because the research never stops, the advances continue to deliver pleasing results.

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