You might recognise this as the opening line from a much-loved song made famous by Dinah Washington in 1959. This iconic rhythm and blues track could well be the theme song for the Food Packaging Industry as a whole, and Mapflex in particular.

In an ideal world, we’d all live next door to a farm and would eat fresh fruit and vegetables that had only been picked that day. We wouldn’t know what a shrivelled apple or yellowing broccoli tree looked like. We’d never have to cringe in revulsion as we reached into our fridges, only to plunge our fingers into the soggy mush that was once a crisp, fresh cucumber before it got forgotten at the bottom of the veggie drawer.

Back in the real world, only the lucky get to live this life. The rest of us have to content ourselves with picking our fruit and veg from the supermarket shelves, and to running the risk of occasional undesirable fridge encounters with the food that time forgot.

But even though we can’t enjoy our food fresh from the farm the same day, we can still enjoy fresh food. Even if we live in the middle of a city that’s as far from the fields as it’s possible to get. The reason we can do this is because innovative food packaging developments have helped to prolong the life of fresh food and vegetables by slowing down their post-harvest respiration rates. This, in turn, slows down the rate of decay.

The Right Food Packaging Saves Time And Money

Fresh food producers and packers are under enormous time pressure. They have, on average, four days to get food from farm to fork. After that, they can only wince as they watch their profits get thrown into the bin. The food industry has strict guidelines regulating food freshness, appearance, taste and weight, so once food deteriorates beyond these acceptable limits, it cannot be sold.

Imagine then, what a difference an extra day would make. Or even an extra two days. Or three. This is what modified atmosphere packaging can do for you. By extending the shelf life of your fresh produce, you reduce food waste and increase profits.

Mapflex’s revolutionary modified atmosphere food packaging film helps keep food fresher for longer. This is good news for consumers, retailers, food packers and food growers.

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