It’s the end of another year and the start of a lovely, long summer for us lucky folks here in South Africa. The longer days and hotter weather mean we generally prefer to eat more fresh fruit and salads, and it’s always great to know we have a good selection of both in our fridges. This is when we really start to appreciate the tangible benefits of Modified Atmosphere Packaging. The advanced technology of this type of packaging means the fresh produce we love eating reaches us in virtually the same condition as when it was picked – and it lasts longer in our fridges at home too.

If you’re a regular reader of our blogs, you’ll know we’ve spoken a lot quite recently about the exciting new FlexFresh liner, which has taken the food packing industry by storm. We’ve also told you about PerfoTec’s Fast Respiration Meter, which measures the respiration rate of fresh produce so that the correct perforations can be made in the liner. But what we haven’t really explained in any detail exactly how this amazing machine actually works.

So, How Does the PerfoTec Respiration Meter Work?

The Fast Respiration Meter takes just four hours to calculate the respiration rate of a particular fruit or vegetable. It does this by measuring how much oxygen is consumed, and how much carbon dioxide is produced. Once the respiration rate has been established, the require packaging transmission rate can be calculated. This is done using custom-designed software that analyses the data to work out the required film permeability i.e. the number and size of the laser perforations.

The Respiration Meter comes in three sizes, Small, Large and Extra Large. The small machine weighs just 47 kilos and can be used on a table top or work surface. It’s ideal for measuring the respiration of cur fruit and vegetables, as well as small, whole fruit, such as blueberries and raspberries. The two larger machines both have wheels, so they can easily be moved to a convenient location. They are perfect for both cut and whole fruit and vegetables, as well as flowers.

The PerfoTec Respiration Meter and Laser integrate easily with both horizontal or vertical packing machines, as well as with film converting machines.

Quality Control Second To None

The PerfoTec Laser System uses an integrated camera to inspect each hole. The camera is located immediately behind the laser perforation head so that holes can be checked for diameter and shape. If holes are incorrect, or if any are missing, the machine can be stopped immediately and the discrepancy corrected. In this way, you are guaranteed that every single pack has exactly the number of perforations required.

In addition, if there is any variation in the thickness of the packaging film, the laser is automatically adjusted on the fly to compensate for this.

Although PerfoTec’s machines are highly advanced equipment, making use of the latest and most innovative technology, they are robust enough to withstand tough production environments. They are renowned for their consistent reliability – even in cold, wet or dusty environments.

Mapflex is the proud supplier of Perfotec MAP, including FlexFresh™, in South Africa. If you’d like to know more about what this amazing product can do for you, please contact us today.