When it comes to fresh fruit and vegetables, most waste occurs in trading. This is why PerfoTec was so excited recently when it launched its innovative new bulk bag, the Flexfresh Liner earlier this year. These game-changing bags are set to save growers and traders significant amounts of money, as they can reduce the in-store waste of pre-packaged fruit and vegetables by as much as 50 percent!

PerfoTec has long been a key player in the continued growth and innovation of the global modified atmosphere packaging industry. Its pioneering system that uses micro perforations to adjust the atmosphere inside the packaging has resulted in significant savings for the trade by reducing food waste. The Flexfresh Liner is a smart plastic bag that takes this technology one giant step forward.

Because they are designed to line existing packing crates and boxes, Flexfresh Liners can be used immediately, without the need to purchase specialised containers. They are far more effective than standard bulk bags, as they are scientifically adapted to the specific properties of the product being packed.

New Opportunities: Growth and Savings For Trade

If you’re a grower or trader, Flexfresh Liners will save you money by extending the shelf life of your produce. A longer shelf life means less weight loss during storage and transportation, which in turn means better quality produce on the retailers’ shelves. Imagine what a difference it could make if there was only a one percent loss of weight between grower and retailer, instead of 10 percent.

A longer shelf life without any corresponding loss in food appearance and quality opens up a whole new world of possibilities for the trade. You can explore exciting new export opportunities that were previously out of reach because of the distances involved and the time it would take to get your produce there. You can also go for less expensive transport options, which again represents a cost saving.

Some growers are concerned that, if products are lasting longer on supermarket shelves, retailers won’t need to order as often, so they will ultimately lose money. This is simply not the case – by delivering fresh produce that looks and tastes great for longer, you are making your retailers very happy, and this can only serve to strengthen the relationship between you. Consumers are also happier to buy products that look fresher, and which last longer in their fridges at home.

How Does Flexfresh Work?

Growers use PerfoTec’s Fast Respiration Meter to measure the respiration rate of your fresh produce. Based on this information, PerfoTec will then send you the Flexfresh Liner bulk bags with the correct number of micro-perforations for your specific produce.

Mapflex is the proud supplier of Perfotec MAP in South Africa, and we’d love to tell you more about this amazing product and the benefits it can offer growers and traders. Please contact us today.