The revolutionary FlexFresh packaging liners are making waves in the packaging industry all over the world. But it’s not just growers, packers and retailers who appreciate the incredible, shelf life-prolonging properties of this amazing product. Just recently, a global fast food chain has started using FlexFresh™ for sliced mushrooms to use as pizza toppings. Using this game-changing packaging, cut mushrooms now enjoy up to 10 days of shelf life, with a weight loss of only three percent!

The mushrooms are packed in two kilogram lots, using either rolls or bags. The extended shelf life FlexFresh™ provides means mushrooms are always available throughout all the retail outlets. This significantly improves their customer service levels.

Here’s More “Berry” Good News!

flexfresh packaging liners keeps blueberries fresh for 7 weeksJust recently, FlexFresh™ was used in a trial with several large shipping companies. They used FlexFresh™ Liner Bags to ship blueberries from South America to Europe. During this three-week journey, unpackaged, loose blueberries lose almost a fifth of their weight – 19.96%! In stark comparison, the blueberries in the FlexFresh™ liners lost only 0.76% after a full seven weeks! This is an incredible 96% reduction in weight loss! The berries were still deemed to be “good, firm, crunchy and with good taste.” Many of the control berries had gone mouldy or collapsed.

Even those berries packaged in regular punnets suffered a 2.56% percent weight loss, proving that while regular packaging definitely helps to slow down the deterioration of fresh produce, it’s not as effective as modified atmosphere packaging.

How Does It Work?

UFlex, the Indian packaging company that developed FlexFresh™, uses Active Modified Atmospheric Packaging (AMAP) technology from Perfotec to calculate the respiration rate of fresh produce. They then use the weight of the produce, its rate of respiration, the supply chain temperature and the packaging film’s properties to determine the transmission value. A patented laser technology is then used to make micro perforations on Flexfresh™’s unique polymeric film.

UFlex describes FlexFresh™ as “the world’s first biodegradable fresh produce packaging.” Mapflex is the proud supplier of Perfotec MAP, including FlexFresh™, in South Africa. If you’d like to know more about what this amazing product can do for you, please contact us today.