Fresh produce sales are growing – and with good reason. As the internet connects us to more of the information that matters to us, more and more people are realising the value of a healthy diet.

We have learned that fresh is best.

The problem with fresh food, however, is shelf life. Produce doesn’t last very long – and it needs to look (and taste) as fresh as possible for as long as it can.

The faster food goes off, the more likely it is to be returned for a refund … or simply not sold at all.

What causes fresh produce to go off?

Fresh produce, such as fruits and vegetables, are living, breathing organisms. They are full of all that’s good for us: nutrients, antioxidants, and fibre. They also contain enzymes. These are great for digestion – and they’re what causes produce to ripen … even after it’s been picked. But these enzymes don’t stop working once the fruit or vegetable is ripe. They keep ripening the produce, eventually causing it to spoil if it’s not used in time. All that goodness goes to waste.

How can we slow or prevent food from spoiling?

Time is of the essence. The sooner fruit and vegetables hit the shelves, the longer their shelf life will be. As you know, fresh produce has to survive a few days in your customer’s fridge once it’s been bought, as well. And it has to look good there, too, or it could well be returned to the store.

So the window of opportunity to sell fresh produce before it expires is small indeed.

Two key factors affect shelf life: storage, and environment. Fresh produce needs to be stored at the right temperature, with as little movement and damage as possible. It needs a regulated amount of moisture in the atmosphere to maintain freshness, reduce water loss, and decrease the rate of decay.

One of the best ways to extend the life of fresh produce – and get more time on the shelves – is packaging. The right packaging will protect produce from bruising and structural damage. And it will keep the items in an environment suited perfectly to each item’s specific needs.

Mapflex’s Modified Atmosphere Packaging does just that. By creating the perfect atmospheric environment for the fruit and vegetables it protects, Mapflex extends the life of fresh produce – both in the store, and in your customer’s fridge.

In fact, fresh produce lasts longer INSIDE it’s Mapflex packaging, than out.

Mapflex gives fresh produce up to two extra days on the shelves of your store, and even more in the homes of your customers. Fewer comebacks. Fewer complaints. More sales.

Mapflex is an obvious solution to meeting your customers’ fresh produce needs. So make sure your produce suppliers are using Mapflex for all the produce they supply to you.

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