The benefits of Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) for food growers, packers, transporters, wholesalers and retailers are well known and well documented. A glance back through the blogs on this site will remind you just what an incredible breakthrough MAP is for the fresh food industry. With advances being made, and new products being released all the time, the future looks extremely exciting for all of us in the MAP industry. But what about consumers? The end users who buy the fresh produce in MAP, and who are the ultimate beneficiaries of the health benefits of this game-changing technology?

health benefits of MAPIn the last decade, consumer demand for fresh, low-calorie, healthy, nutritious and high-quality foods has grown steadily. Food also needs to be convenient and quick to prepare, which is why packs of pre-cut fruit and vegetables are so popular. Of course, as soon as you harvest fresh produce, and particularly when you cut it, you run the risk of exposing it to contaminants in the air, and bacteria during handling. MAP all but eliminates these health risks. By modifying the mixture of air and gases inside the pack, the respiration of the produce is slowed, as its ripening and eventual deterioration.

Food packaged using modified atmosphere packaging has many health benefits over unpackaged food, or produce that has been packed in regular packaging. These include:

    • Reduction in the growth of potentially harmful germs and bacteria.
    • Retention of original texture, shape and taste.
    • Retention of vitamins.

Do Health Benefits of MAP Come At A Cost?

Although MAP does add to the final cost of the fresh produce, this is completely compensated for in the increased shelf life of the food, and the nutritional and other health benefits offered by this packaging. The increased shelf life of MAP also makes it possible for growers to transport perishable produce by road instead of by air. This reduces transport costs, which in turn reduces the final cost of the produce to the consumer. So, while MAP may seem more expensive in the short term, it actually works out more cost-effective in the longer term.

Packaging also provides the perfect vehicle on which food producers can state the nutritional content, as well as any other health-related information, of the produce in the pack. This makes it easy for consumers to assess the health benefits of the food, which ultimately helps them with their purchasing decision.

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