When you’re in the food business, you know all about the value of one extra day. Food is a perishable item. It can only be sold when it’s fresh and attractive – and it doesn’t stay that way for long. Once food has gone off, it can no longer be sold. Even a slightly wilted lettuce, or an apple with the tiniest of wrinkles, has to be thrown out.

It’s literally money down the drain.

To make sure that food on the shelves is as fresh and ready-to-buy as possible, those who work in the industry have to work long, anti-social hours. Shelf stockers in supermarkets spend their weekends keeping the supply of fruit and vegetables on the shelf replenished … Which means a lot of overtime. And not a whole lot of employee satisfaction.

And it’s not just retail stores that face the high costs of labour to get the freshest food to the shelves in the shortest possible time. Distribution centres and packing outlets often have shifts every day of the week – Saturdays and Sundays included – to make sure not a single day’s freshness is lost.

What if there was an easier way to keep produce fresh?

Mapflex’s revolutionary modified atmosphere packaging food film dramatically reduces moisture loss in fresh produce. This means that fruit looks better for longer. Up to a day longer – or more.

That means your team can safely take the weekend off and ship the good on Monday … without losing a single day of shelf-life.

Just think of the saving in labour costs alone – not to mention the lower costs of week-day transport as opposed to shipping the goods on a weekend.

And because the product loses less water than it would in regular packaging, it retains most of its weight. This means you don’t need to compensate as much for weight lost in shipping. So you can ship less than before – and still earn the same income. With Mapflex modified atmosphere packaging, produce retains up to 25% more water than it does using regular packaging film.

That’s 25% less weight lost.

And 25% less that you need to pay for shipping.

It just makes sense.
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