If you’re a regular reader of our blogs, you’ll know we talk a lot about how modified atmosphere packaging significantly prolongs the shelf life of fresh fruit and vegetables. We regularly give you facts and figures, combined with proven statistics, to support our claim.

At the end of the day though, if you haven’t actually seen for yourself how our packaging works, you’re not going to fully appreciate how truly amazing it is. And we don’t just say that because it’s our business, we say it because it really can make a difference to yours.

So, please take two and a half minutes out of your day to watch this video. It clearly and astoundingly demonstrates how fresh produce packaged in regular packaging deteriorates significantly more rapidly than produce packed using PerfoTec’s modified atmosphere packaging.

Packaging Perfection From PerfoTec

PerfoTec’s Respiration Control System is already used in over 15 countries around the world to package over 200 fruit and vegetable products. Mapflex International enjoys an exclusive partnership with PerfoTec in Africa.

Based in South Africa and Kenya, Mapflex gives African growers of fruit and vegetables the opportunity to expand their markets beyond what was previously possible. Modified atmosphere (MA) packaging means farmers are better able to not only meet the needs of their customers but also improve the quality of their product and reduce food waste.

The potential of adopting this, frankly, incredible packaging is unlimited. By increasing the shelf-life of your produce, you’re not only able to keep existing customers happy, you can also attract new ones. MA packaging means transporting your produce long distance by road instead of air once again becomes feasible. This represents a significant cost saving. It also reduces the risk of the cold chain being broken, which still happens occasionally during air transportation.

To find out more about how Mapflex can supply you with game-changing packaging for your fresh produce, chat to us today.

Also, while we have your attention, here’s a date to diarise: The International Summit for Packaging Industry is being held in New Delhi from 29-29 October 2017. PerfoTec’s CEO will speak at this summit.