We’ve got Smart cars and smartphones, smart homes and smart appliances. So it shouldn’t really be a surprise to learn that we have smart packaging too. We’ve already introduced you to the revolutionary Flexfresh™ liner bag in a previous blog, but it really is such an incredible product that there is always something new to tell you. Let’s find out more about Flexfresh packaging.

One of the latest developments involving this fantastic product is that it has recently been accredited by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research. This accreditation came after the Council carried out extensive tests to check the efficacy of the packaging in reducing moisture loss and prolonging the shelf life of fresh produce.

Pomegranates were used as the control fruit, and tests were carried out in refrigerated conditions. Researchers used four samples – one as the control, one which had been pretreated with wax, one that was packaged in a liner bag, and one that was both pre-waxed and packaged in a liner bag. Over a period of three months, the fruit was checked every 15 days. Parameters such as texture, colour, weight loss and sensory attributes were measured.

The Flexfresh Packaging Results

pomagranates flexfresh linersThe results were remarkable. Researchers observed that the unwaxed and unpackaged fruit (the control) was only acceptable for a period of one month. A weight loss of seven percent was recorded. The fruit that was pretreated with wax was acceptable for a further 15 days (i.e. 45 in total) and had a 7.1% loss in weight. But the fruit (both waxed and unwaxed) that was packaged in the liner bag was still completely acceptable right up until the last day of the test period (three months) and had only lost a little over four percent of their weight.

This means the Flexfresh packaging improved the storability of the pomegranates by a full two months over the unwaxed, unpackaged fruit!

The Flexfresh™ liner really is a phenomenal product. Made from specially patented, biodegradable (by composting) polymeric film, it keeps fresh produce absolutely dry by preventing the condensation of the humidity inside the bag. This means the produce can continue to breathe, resulting in extremely low weight loss. The liner also allows for the release of the CO2 emitted by the produce, thus offering effective protection against diseases such as grey mould and botrytis.

Mr N. Siva Shankaran, Vice President of Flexfresh™ at Uflex said, “Flexfresh™ has performed across the entire gamut of fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers categories and has provided optimal shelf-life, making it possible for the growers to extensively use sea-freight to reduce carbon footprint and maximise their returns.”

Maplex is excited to be a registered distributor of the Flexfresh™ liner and would love to chat to you about how it will change the way you pack your produce. Contact us today.