Earlier this month, we introduced you to PerfoTec’s game-changing Flexfresh Liner. Although it was only launched onto the international market a few months ago, this amazing product is already having a significant impact on the way in which producers are bulk packing fresh produce.

In case you haven’t read the blog, the FlexFresh Liner is essentially a smart plastic bag that significantly extends the shelf life of bulk produce. Because it can be used to line existing crates and boxes, there’s no need to invest in any new equipment.

How To Use The FlexFresh Liner

Using the Flexfresh Liner could not be easier. Essentially, there are just three simple steps between you and significantly fresher produce!

Step 1: Measure the respiration rate of the fresh produce using PerfoTec’s Fast Respiration Meter.

Step 2: Pack the produce into the specific PerfoTec Flexfresh Liner that best suits the respiration rate you’ve just measured.

Step 3: Reap the benefits of providing fresh produce that lasts significantly longer than industry norms.

Benefits Of The FlexFresh Liner

Over and above boosting your reputation as a reputable supplier of high-quality fresh produce, the FlexFresh Liner has many other benefits as well:

  • Offers the best shelf-life extension of all available packaging solutions.
  • Reduces weight loss (caused by moisture loss) during transportation of produce.
  • Opens up a host of new export opportunities – produce that lasts longer can be shipped further.
  • Enables cheaper transport options – longer lasting produce can be transported by road or rail, instead of air.
  • Perfect for bulk packing of fruit and vegetables of between five and 15 kilograms.
  • 100% biodegradable.
  • Ideal for sensitive produce that is prone to fungal and bacterial infections.

What Produce Can Be Packaged Using the FlexFresh Liner?

The FlexFresh Liner is the perfect packaging for beans, soft fruit, mushrooms, carrots, broccoli, chicory, leeks, Brussels sprouts, potatoes, cherries, mangoes, melons, plums, peppers and cut flowers.

Mapflex International is a joint venture between international companies and is a proud supplier and distributor of PerfoTec packaging. We’re committed to improving the standard methods of fresh vegetable packaging for large-scale retailers and would love to chat to you about how the FlexFresh Liner will change the way you pack your produce.

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