Mapflex’s customers and regular readers of our blogs and newsletters will by now know one very important fact: Fruit, flowers and vegetables need oxygen to breathe and stay fresh. However, just how quickly they respire, and how much oxygen they need, differs from variety to variety, and from season to season.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) uses advanced technology to measure the respiration rate of fresh produce and calculate the perfect packaging permeability to keep that produce fresher for longer. By slowing down the natural respiration rate, MAP effectively puts the fresh produce into hibernation mode. This means increased shelf life, happy consumers, less waste and better profits for packers and producers.

Because of the intensive technology, research and development behind it, MAP usually comes at a higher price than conventional packaging. The difference in cost is more than made up for by the money saved due to reduced waste and prolonged produce shelf life, but sometimes, packers and producers need a little extra convincing as to the amazing benefits they can enjoy by converting to Modified Atmosphere Packaging.

For this reason, PerfoTec, one of the world leaders in MAP, recently launched the Roadrunner, a plug and play solution enabling producers and packers of fresh produce to quickly and easily test for themselves – in their own environments – how modified atmosphere technology extends the freshness of their produce beyond expected norms. This means they can easily compare it, over a two-week period – with their current packed products and with those packaging products that have pre-perforated films, or no perforation at all.

Joan Rosen, PerfoTec’s US representative, says, “Product quality and waste are critical success factors, and with the Roadrunner, we can now quickly test and prove the benefit of our technology to US packers and producers”.

Although the Roadrunner is currently only being rolled out in the United States and Europe, we’re confident that it will soon be available in South Africa, so that those packers and producers not yet convinced of the incredible benefits Modified Atmosphere Packaging offers, will be able to experience them for themselves in their own back yards.

Mapflex is a joint venture between international companies and is a recognised specialist in PerfoTec packaging.

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