Food needs to be fresh. It’s as simple as that. Fresh food sells. Expired food doesn’t.

Expired food costs money

It costs money to transport it, store it, display it – and it costs money to dispose of it when it no longer looks its best.

But the loss doesn’t start in the store. Fresh food contains a lot of moisture. That’s what gives it that crispy crunch, and full-bodied appeal. The water in the food keeps it looking ripe, tempting, and ready to eat.

The problem with water, though, is that it evaporates. It seeps out in tiny droplets through the surface of the food. It escapes. This means that food loses its fresh and crispy appearance. It also means that the food weighs less than it did when it was picked.

To curb that weight loss and still meet what we’ve agreed to deliver, we need to ship more fruit or vegetables than the packaging claims to contain.

For example, if we agree to stock the shelves at Pick n Pay with 200g packages of raspberries, we’d have to pack around 260g of raspberries into each pack. And even then, it’s unforeseen factors could reduce the weight even more before they hit the shelves.

This means that you’re shipping more food than you’re getting paid for.

The added weight also means that shipping is expensive. Because you need to ship at least 25% more than you’re actually selling, the cost of the shipping (measured by weight) is 25% more than ideal.

Mapflex to the Rescue

Mapflex’s modified atmosphere packaging uses advanced technology to create a film that dramatically reduces water loss in the product. This means it doesn’t lose as much weight between packaging and purchase.

You can pack less product in each Mapflex package, confident in the knowledge that it will have lost almost no weight by the time the end user buys it off the shelf. Which means you can earn more per fruit or vegetable sold.

Shipping is more affordable, too, since you no longer need to pack as much “contingency product” into each package: what leaves your distribution centre will weigh little more than what gets sold in the shops.

When quality counts, you don’t want to skimp on packaging. Mapflex is the best way to ensure your quality produce maintains its weight and freshness for as long as possible.

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